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Fashion 2.0 – High Fashion Motion Editorial

It is the latest, coolest thing in fashion marketing. The high fashion world has launched motion editorial. It establishes their brand identity as well as shows off their collections in a very unique and engaging way.

What is high fashion motion editorial … is it a fad … is it a trend or is it here to stay? Tyra Banks, W Magazine, Miu Miu, Thierry Mugler, Prada, Burberry, Chanel and so many others recognize that the fashion film is the newest ‘frontier’ in fashion.

Fashion turned to film for dynamic expression in 2010, with designers dabbling in every genre of video from humorous spoofs to hypnotic shorts. Case in point: the Mulleavy sisters’ Aanteni / 2010: A Space Odyssey by Rodarte. The nearly-nine-minute “high-fashion techno-thriller” highlights the designers’ inclination towards the grotesquely beautiful elements of the natural and man-made worlds.

Having fallen in love with the medium of late, the fashion world—Alexander Wang, Hermes, and Roberto Cavalli, to name a few—continues to find its voice through video, as it explores the effectiveness and beauty of fashion in motion.

No launch these days is complete without an accompanying video. Whether you call it motion editorial or fashion video, the fashion world has found an amazing way to show off their brands and awesome creativity.

The following are only a few my favorites. What are some of yours? Leave your comments to let us know!

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