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Social Media Marketing In Fashion Industry

“Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Many large fashion brands have pages or accounts on at least one of the big three in social media. As a whole however, the fashion industry has been slow to embrace these tools — certainly a lot slower than their customers.

Facebook - Coach

Of the 38 tweeting fashion brands listed by WWD, only nine are based in Europe. Of those nine, Henry Holland is the only one not associated with a large multi-national company (Adidas, Dior, French Connection, Gucci, H&M, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney round out the list). While Twitter is not the sole representative of fashion’s social media presence, the list offers a fairly representative picture of who’s experimenting with social media — and more tellingly, who’s not.” – The Business of Fashion, August 21, 2009


Twitter - DKNY

The fashion industry has made some progress in social media marketing (aka Fashion 2.0) since the B of F article last August.  Fashion brands such as: Levis, Ralph Lauren, Burberry  and Gucci are Fashion 2.0 thought leaders. However the fashion industry still has a way to go.  Web sites take way too long to load, Tweets are not necessarily engaging and Geo social marketing needs further exploration.

Web Site - Gucci

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